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After retiring from the United States Marine Corps (yes, both of us) and working as “civilians” for the past few years, we decided we just aren’t ready to settle.  We owned a beautiful home, our dream home, but we wanted more.  So we sold the home and plan on spending the next several years traveling.  We’ve been discussing what we’re going to do for the past few years and have some plans laid out, but the great thing is that the only schedule we’re on is our own.  While making these plans, of course we’ve been filling in our family and friends.  Some think we’re crazy, some are envious, some may not believe us, but everyone we’ve talked to seems to be very curious and wants to know all about our travels, so we decided to do this blog for those that may be curious, and those too that have the dream of traveling and perhaps have some adventures along the way.  We hope this blog inspires you to live your dreams whatever they may be.

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Nancy Cole says:

    Looks like I have a lot of reading to catch up on!

    1. Buttercup says:

      Welcome to the blog, Nancy. If you’re just starting, yes, you have a lot to catch up on! Best to you and your brood!

  2. KKBlack says:

    That’s okay Nancy, the blog isn’t going anywhere! Enjoy!

  3. Best sista says:

    Is there going to be a quiz?

    1. KKBlack says:

      Hey Sista!! There just might be a quiz someday, better pay attention! 😉

  4. Arth Chapman says:


    I hope you remember me. I was a Lieutenant at Team “Charlie” during the time of Haditha, Hamdaniya etc, and worked in LtCol Sullivan’s office. Plus I still want your S2000! Anyway, awesome stuff. Love the pic on the front page, and you and Ms. Black are living the life. Be safe and keep the pix coming!

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